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Life and Studies

Shortly after Marie's birth in Moscow, Idaho, her family, moved to Northern California where she spent her childhood in Vallejo and Sonoma. Marie received her undergraduate degree in art studio from California State University, Sacramento. As an undergraduate there,1972-1974, her aesthetic foundation was formed by critiques centered on the beauty of the mark and one's personal connection to their work. Of the faculty members there, Marie was powerfully inspired by the drawing and dynamism of Oliver Lee Jackson; the Native American spirituality of Frank La Pena and from Jim Nutt she developed a respect for the authentic drive behind Art Brut and Outsider art. After college she continued to live and make art in Sacramento where she met Dane Goodman, an artist she would later marry.


Marie traveled solo throughout Europe in 1976, intensively touring museums and galleries. It was those travel experiences that confirmed her desire to become an artist and to begin her graduate art study on the East Coast.  A recommendation from artist Lynda Benglis, influenced Marie to attend graduate school at Hunter College New York City. She began studies there in 1978 and set up her studio on Murray Street in Tribeca. The following year Dane joined her in New York.


While at Hunter, Marie studied with noted painters Ron Gorchov, Ralph Humphrey, Sanford Wurmfeld; seminal art critic and historian, Rosalind Krauss; and took part in seminars with renowned sculptors Tony Smith and Robert Morris. Marie, together with several other art students, initiated a “Women Artists Lecture Series” at Hunter as a way to balance the dominantly male studio faculty. Included in the series who presented weekly lectures about their work were, among others, Agnes Martin, Lee Krasner and Carolee Schneemann.


The 1980’s in NYC was an historic transition time in the art world. The singular focus of Modernism was joined by an unmatched pluralism and financial boom for galleries. Marie and Dane were then living in a five-floor-walk-up loft on Broadway in SoHo, the art epicenter of this era. This experience was of major impact on Marie as it left her with what she calls a dual identity as an artist – part West Coast with a tie to the sensual natural world and part East Coast grounded in the intellectual and formal.


As exciting as life in New York was, the call back to the Pacific was strong. Marie and Dane married in 1982 and the next year moved to Santa Barbara. Since then Marie has maintained her studio and home in Santa Barbara with Dane where they have raised their daughter, Perry, and have taken an active role in the art community.


Marie has taught art extensively throughout the area, and is now retired from teaching at Westmont College and Santa Barbara City College. She has exhibited, lectured and been an artist-in-residence on both coasts and places in-between. Her works are in private and public museum collections throughout the country.

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